Wednesday, January 11, 2012

LES Mill Pump It - Day 7 & 8!

Howdy Peeps!

So, technically I didn't get a Day 7in my Pump round, since I took 2 day rests this past weekend, so this morning was Day 8, which Pump and Burn!  Now, the Pump Challenge is mostly how to use the barbell and proper technique, and its 20min long, and although you do "feel it" now I see that it really is just an introductory...

WOWSA! Pump and Burn is a short 30min workout, where you basically put into practice what you learn in the Pump Challenge...but in a whole different level.  You do feel the Rep Effect with this one.  I started off light with 5lbs for the warm up.   Then I put 10lbs for squats, but I really wanted to do 15lbs.  However, since this was a new workout that I hadn't done before, I decided to go light with the 10lbs.  I stuck with those for the remainder of the workout.   During the squats the first minute, I was know I should of done 15lbs...but towards that 4th minute, I was like...huh..10lbs is not bad! LOL  The track that really got me pushing was the chest one...I had to take a break in minute 2.   My ultimate favorite was the ab track!  and Let me tell you, there is something about doing your crunches slow, that really dig deep in there.  My abs are SUPER sore!  anytime I move, or sneeze, it hurts real good.   Les Mill trainers really do like the Hover exercises (which are basically planks with movement), and man, being in a plank position for 2 minutes, its a challenge for me but I'll get there!

Tomorrow is a walking day per the Les Mill Pump schedule, so I will schedule my walk during lunch, but I will Turbo in the AM!

In another exciting news, Tropical Shakeology is FINALLY going to be released on Feb 14!  I am super excited! I was told that its even better than what I had a taste of it at Summit...and YES it is VEGAN! wohoo!  What I was "told" and I can't say 1st hand, but I will confirm as soon as I get my shipment, is that Tropical with banana tastes JUST like Strawberry Banana yogurt - my favorite! If you want a sample of the tropical, and if I am not your free coach already, then sign up (its free ;) and send me a message  letting me know you would like a sample!

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