Monday, February 13, 2012

Les Mill Pump It and Zumba!

Hello Hello my fitness friends!

Man have I been busy! but no worries, I've been doing the Les Mill Pump guide, and as I had mentioned I did do Week 3 twice.  This week is my Week 4 and the workouts are:

Tuesday: Pump & Shred
Wednesday: Hard Core Abs
Thursday: Pump & Shred
Friday: Flow
Saturday Pump & Shred

Of course to this I am adding Turbo Kick, Hip Hustle and Zumba practice!  For Turbo Kick, I need to master the Recovery and the Finale and I will have round 48 in the bag!  for hip Hop Hustle, I have Block 1 and Block 2 already mastered, but I have been ignoring The Show...I have the choreagraphy down, I just need to practice more so its more fluid, and work on some of the shoulder/body rolls.  Now Zumba! thats my lastest certification - can you give me a "Woot Woot" :)  Last week I've been reviewing my basic steps.  But this week I am going to start practicing the choreography in the mash up DVD/CD. The goal this week is to master the 1st song, which is a Merengue called Tigre.  So my practice goals are:

1.  Full round of  turbo kick 48
2.  Master the Show for Hip Hop Hustle 17 - I will have the full Hustle in my pocket by the end of the week.
3.  Have the 1st song of my zumba choreography - a merenge called Tigre

It looks like its going to be a full Cardio know what that means? I can have a bit of granola this week! :)

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