Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Time to Change

Today I decided to buy a new vanity url!  I am tossing the "shy_girl" that has been me for so long.  I've had my lashy_girl e-mail address since my Senior year in high school, right when the Internet was just starting! man thats a few years ago ;) I've been known as "lashy_girl" but its not really me.  I am a quite person, but not necessarily shy.  I've come to realize that.  I am willing to share about myself and whats going on in my life, I am willing to share whats working with me, I am willing to share the most awesome supplement, shakeolgy, that I have every tried!  I am sharing about the fitness programs that I do...and I realized I am not shy, so I am putting lashy_girl to rest...have to change many login information, but thats no big deal.  I am ready to start this new facet about myself! my vanity url is seems fitting!

Sometimes one evolves without even realizing it :)


  1. Rafael Antonio CastilloApril 14, 2011 at 11:19 AM

    I couldn't agree more with the change in the URL. It reflects growth and self-knowledge. Kudos Carmen!