Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Insanity: The Asylum

Many of you have dug deep with Insanity! and I admit this is one program that I really want to do, but seriously it scares me! LOL BUT I am committed that this will be my next program after P90X! so I am really excited about it.  For those of you who have already earned your Insanity t-shirt and are looking for the next challenge, let me tell you that Shaun T is back with even more craziness! His next program is Insanity: The Asylum Volume 1.

What Is Insanity: The Ayslum? Its the first in-home sports training system which focuses on building strength, balance agility, power and coordination.  Do you want to run faster? gain speed?  you need the coordination and you need to focus to accomplish these, and the Asylum does just that. Its more skill oriented.  It shows people how to jump higher, it has foot performance essence its made to really bring your inner athlete and shine!

How does it differ from Insanity? With Insanity you really dugg deep, put maybe you weren't coming  as low in your squats, not jumping as high, maybe your form wasn't as good.  The Asylum will help you with this. 

The Asylum is a 30 day program of progressing sports drills that will improve your skills, power, focus on form and help you to mentally and phsyically focus.  It will help you transform  into an elite athlete and it is a natural progression from Insanity.

The Science Behind It 
*Cross training with speed, agility, plyometrics, core, strenght and balance exercises
*Series of progressions that take your results to the next level
*Max Interval Training in a sports-specific application

Whos ready for these program?  It is a natural progression from Insanity, but anybody that has done an extreme workout like P90X or Turbo Fire, or has a level of fitness beyond just regular cardio based is ready for this program.  If you know how to do a very good squat or power jump, you are ready for Asylum, but if you are asking for modifications, this is not for you.

What will it include?
~7 DVD's 
~Hybrid Calendars: Aysulm/insanity/ P90x
~ Nutrion Guide – Get Shredded 14 day meal plan
~ Training Guide
~Speed Rope
~Agility Ladder

DVD Details: 30 day program consisting of seven intense workouts under 60 min each:

1. Speed & Agility – Utilizes the ladder, you have to watch where you going, progression. (One of Shaun T's Favorite)

2. Vertical Plyo – Max plyo with cinder blocks on your shoulder. Resistance around your ankles, wrists, and power jumps and land in the ladder.

3. Relief – it really is Relief!

4. Strenght – Hardest strenght training program that Shaun T has developed. You will need dumb bells, and pull up bars, cater to everyone (Also Shaun T's Favorite)

5. Game Day – actually 60min of just about every sport drill that you can think of

6. Overtime – craziest 12 minutes you will encounter within an exercise program

7. Back to Core – Its innovated and fun

Extra Info
  • The speed rope, and agility ladder tools are used to master moves and improve athleticism. Is also includes cross training with weights and resistance . 
  • Don’t be afraid if you can’t do the jump rope and you can practice on your own time. However,once your master it, its an incredible feeling
  • The agility ladder is one foot in between each section and 4 small boxes.  Its small enough to fit in your workout area. And it will become your new best friend. 
What will it cost?
  • Retail Price: $89.85
  • Club Price: $80.87
Shaun T's Tip for Asylum: Form over speed and you will see results

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