Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 3 Asylum - Core and Back

Well this morning I did Core and Back from Asylum...and as you can tell, I am taking days in between each Asylum workout! I really don't want to do that, so I schedule all of my workouts so that I finish this week following the Asylum calendar everysingle day, that is my committment starting today!

 As usual, Shaun T starts his warm ups pretty intensly with different varieties of jumping jacks, I did have to stop when breathing was just not helping me push trough I would stop, shake it off and then jump back righ.  I LOVED the monkey squat stretch, they really felt good on my hamstrings. 

After the warm up you get to work on your back! You work on your shoulder blades, traps, lower back...and you get to use this little green band, that looks insignificant (which I actually use when I do Bum Bum ;) but I didnt think that they would be so versatile and Effective! you will feel it, and you will sweat! which was surprising, because after the warm up you are not really jumping around anymore.  Its about the control, has isometric holds.  One of them you are on a lunge position then rotate from your wais, hands straight, you want to be able to see your fingers, and at the same time squeezing in your shoulder blades, very nice! and let me tell you, you will feel the burn!

So, Core and Back...in terms of Asylum standards it was actually not...I don't want to say easy, because it is not, but after Speeed and Agility and Strenght, you feel somewhat rundown, and this workout, believe it or not energizes you!  you work your back without any dumbbells, because of the control you must have you feel it on your core.  Overall this was a great workout.  Hard to decide which is the one I love the best...I still have 3 more tackle!  however I am extremely curious about the Game Day workout, which is still 7 days away!

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