Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Asylum! The Fit Test

Who would think I would be doing the Asylum Fit Test, without even being an Insanity graduate (yet)! well I won my copy of the Insanity: The Asylum, and when I got home last night, it was waiting for me! I excitedly opened it! Back in March I did a "highlight" blog about Asylum, check it out here so I wont repeat myself!

Anyway "THE PLAN" as I refer to it, was to start Insanity this upcoming Monday! YAY, do a full round Insanity, then jump right into Asylum.  However, now I am not so sure! LOL Asylum is just 30 days so I m thinking why not? LOL so I am still thinking about it, the last thing I want is to get injured.  However I am giving this due consideration, I am awesome during Turbo Fire, and I've tackled (not mastered yet, but I will!) P90X! so I am sure I can do this, I may not be able to keep up but I am know I will challenge myself! So...even as write this I am already talking myself into completing a full round of Asylum! LOL but really its only 30 days, in no way will I master it, however it will challenge me!

Since I haven't done Insanity yet, I was very surprise by Shaun T during the Fitness Test! very serious, it was all about focus, talked about proper form a lot.  Previously I've only worked out to Shaun T with Hip Hop Abs and there he was very fun, its dancing! so to see Shaun T being serious and treating me like an athlete, and challenging me to do more, it was a side that I haven't seen before, and I LOVED IT!  Earlier in the week I was talking to my friend Rafael about how much I loved ALL the Rocky movies (no exception :) I like to have fun with Hip Hop Abs and Turbo Fire however  I also like to get down to business, and do old school kind of workouts and imagine myself in a training montague!

So my Fit Test Results, and they really are bad compared to the people on the DVD, but hey the idea is to improve on my own numbers, The Competition is with myself!

Fit Test 4/20/11
Agility Heisman - 5 reps
In & Out AB Progression - I couldn't jump all the way to the 2nd box of the ladder, only to the 1st box, and of those I did 15 reps
Push ups - 17
Mountain Climber Switch Kicks - 42
Agility Shoulder Taps - 4
X Jumps - 21
Moving Pushups - 3
Agility Lateral Shuffle - 17 1/2
Agility Bear Crawl - 3

So tomorrow I have Speed and Agility! 1st workout of Asylum I will video myself...I don't want, but I think its a must, I have to check that I am doing proper form ;)


  1. Carmen, baby....I love your get it done attitude! You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to. You are a soolid rock of determination, watching you progressivley change your look on life is truly an inspiration. Keep us all posted. Go Carmen!! :)

  2. Thanks Christina! I am about to go do Day 2 of Asylum! Strength tonight!