Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 4 Asylum - Vertical Plyo

All I can say about this DVD on the Asylum program is WOW.   I really should have a pen and pad while I am doing these workouts to write down all that is done! but Shaun T really gives you no breaks...well maybe some water breaks, but they are sooo short!  My conversations with myself are "core tight, good form, keep going" I just repeat myself over and over again!
 Vertical Plyo starts you with a 10min warm up, jumping rope :) by the end of the warm up you want to say "Thanks Shaun for this brutal workout, I'll see you tomorrow" but NO! you just began *Insert wicked laugh here*

This workout is all about long jumps, hops, squats, plyo pushups, jump rope work,  and of course the one leg power jump! talk about brutal...but all is good! :) In the long jumps (horizontal one) I folded my ladder 2 squares, so that I could do the jump, and for the vertical long jumps I tried leaving it at 2 squares, but to my horror, I had to folded to leave one square! SO, the good news is that it was still brutally intense, and I will work myself to be doing those awesome long jumps!

Make sure you hydrate! this is one brutal workout, and you need your body to be hydrated, and after this workout I can know see the genius of the eating plan for the program, you really do want to eat clean to be able to push your body the way Shaun T demands of you. 

I did video taped myself, so come back late tonight to see my video and please comment! :)

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