Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 1 - Asylum Speed and Agility

Yesterday morning, was my very first Asylum workout called Speed and Agility.  It was about 45min long.  I will try to remember exactly what we did, but let me tell you that I was more focus on pushing myself and keeping my core tight than remembering the name of the moves. I couldn't seem to concentrate on many things other than just getting through the workout.

The warm up is jumping rope, first just regular jumping rope.  Easy.  But then I got tired and we were still jumping LOL, then you had squat while still jumping rope, and criss crossing the legs.  I did step on my rope several time, but I just kept going.   After this so called warm up we started stretching before diving into the workout.

Like I said, it was tough so all the moves are kinda jumbled up in my head.   We did ab progressions which  you start in plank position at the end of the ladder, and then you jump your feet into the 1st square.  That was relatively easy for me, as I've become good with burpees.  However, I could not jump my feet into the 2nd square, so I had to just tap (my own modification, nobody was doing that on the DVD) unto the 2nd square...and I just couldn't do it when it came to jumping into the 3rd square.  

Another move, was progression pushups which required to do a pushup (hands are on two squares) then jump into those 2 squares your hand was just in, then jump back out, then move to the next squares and repeat.  I was only able to do 2 full rotations.

There were also bear crawls, which became kinda icky because my hands were all sweaty and I had to crawl up and down...icky but actually fun.  It was a tough workout, it was a super challenge, something that I felt like I needed (cardiovascular wise) a challenge.  

The next time I do Speed and Agility I will try my best to remember exactly what we did so I can do a proper review, all I can say is I survived!

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