Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 2 Asylum - Strength

Okay, so today I really really wanted to skip this one, however, I had already skipped yesterday, so I couldn't baby myself again :) So after spending the day with the kids with our local easter egg hunt in Kennedy park, parade and bonnet contest, then driving to UC Berkeley to spend the day at the Eggster learning Festival, I really didn't feel like coming home and working out.

However, while in Berkeley one of Angel's favorite thing to do is stop at the Pasta Shop and buy some cheese.  He bought 4 types of cheese, a french baguette and some wine.  Then we stopped at Costco to get the kids some rotisserie chicken, while we were there there was some sampling of some chocolate cake, it had some chocolate mousse in I caved in and bought a cake. So I WAY over indulged.  I had cheese, I had french bread, I had wine, I had chicken w/ spring mix salad and balsamic vinaigrette and to top it off I had a slice of cake.  I wasn't thinking, we were just around the table, having a good time, sampling the cheeses.  William was giving me his opinion, Omar was saying that the only type of cheese he will eat is the Gouda (which we did have) and even Ximena was digging in, surprisingly she was totally into the goat cheese and blue cheese.   So by the time we finished, I was like "Darn!" I didn't feel like moving and I was seriously reprimanding myself, especially if I knew I had a tough workout coming up.

So, I got up, did the dishes, did a quick sweep under our table, then I locked myself in the garage and got on the treadmill to 1st walk off the extra sluggishness that I was feeling.  I took my laptop, placed on the little dashboard, and just watched a lot of training montages on youtube :)  I started off with Rocky's, then Karate Kids, and then Dirty Dancing...I know dirty dancing isn't really a "tough" training thing, but I love to see Baby trying to master the lifts and then watching the final dance scene when she finally does it! The next thing I  knew I was on the treadmill for an hour and I had walked 3.2 miles, and I wasn't feeling all that sluggish anymore.  After that I went for Asylum!

So now we get to the heart of the matter..I put on the DVD and I see that Shaun T already has dumbbells and is working out, and I was like...whoa where is the warm up?  after several minutes, Shaun T says, this is the warm up, I am not going to baby you, and I just started laughing because I was really working in this so called warm up.   So I think there was like 3- 4 circuits, and you repeat each one 3 times, and as you go each time he makes it progressively harder.   What I like about it, is that you weren't just focusing in one area.  One of the moves was curl, squat, up, curl down, go down, jump back, push up, jump back up, curl, get the gist :) I was more focus on my form than the number of reps so I wasn't keeping up with the number of reps.  I did the whole workout (including the warm up) with 12lbs weights.  Tomorrow is day 3, and according to the calendar I have Back to Core.  My goal is to get up early tomorrow and get it out of the way.  Good Night!

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