Thursday, April 28, 2011

Asylum Day 5 - Rest!

So today Shaun T has given me a break from his grueling Asylum program! however, because I do sit down all day, I still want to get in some physical activity, so in a little bit I will be getting on my treadmill! Tomorrow Shaun T has Speed and Agility waiting for me, so today I make sure I ate right, and hydrated! I want to be able to totally bring it tomorrow morning!

Here are the 10 tips that Shaun T recommends while doing an demanding workout program like Asylum!

1. Eat Frequently - the eating plan is to eat 5 meals a day. And the recipes are awesome!

2. Go light at night - To have a competitive advantage Shaun recommends that you start your largest meal in the morning, after that you get progressively smaller portion. The last meal should be the lightest and smallest ;)

3. Limit your portions - Shaun T doesn't believe in limiting calories, but he does recommend you watch your portion. Eating small frequent small meals revs your metabolism, but when you do eat that often its important to keep track of the portion size.

4. Eat Lean - Eat Clean to get lean! Lean protein, fruits, veggies, and healthy fats.

5. Carbs are cool - Because of the nature of Asylum you do need carbs! without them you won't be able to get through this program. The only suggestion Shaun does is to get your carbs and starches earlier in the day rather than in the last 2 meals, and of course choose whole grains ;)

6. Avoid Dairy - Shaun think that you should try to eliminate dairy for 14 days, just give it a whirl! (Hard for me to do! I love my yogurt :)

7. Hydrate - Shoot for drinking 64oz of water per day - no juices or sodas are allowed on the Asylum plan! (Coffee and tea are okay)

8. Limit Alcohol - enjoy a red wine of glass, but during Asylum try to avoid it :)

9. Don't Fear Fat! - There are lots of foods that are rick in fat that are good for you such as avocados, and nuts! And in case you didn't know avocados are tasty, satisfying and tummy flattening :)

10. Supplements - Recovery Formula is a must (which reminds me I need to order, I am not going to go through this without feeding my body properly! :) Be sure to drink immediately after your workout. You can never forget Shakeology! Awesome supplement, couldn't do what I do without it!

You can order both the Asylum program and the supplements from me!  I am here to help

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