Thursday, May 5, 2011

Asylum Day 6 - Speed and Agility

I am behind with my posts! but no worries, I am on it! Although I've taken a bit of a break, Game Day is tomorrow!

Anyway Day 6 for me was completed on Saturday! After a failed attempt to do it on Saturday morning ( I had to call it quits  as too many kids were trying to workout with me, thought I was going to hit one of them with the jump rope and fighting with them as to who was going to hop on the agility ladder) I decided to stop.  However, I made sure I did it on that  Saturaday afternoon!  Here is the deal, Speed and Agility should be done when you feel most energetic! I pushed myself, but I was already tired from earlier in my day, but the good news is that Shaun T says that you don't actually start working until your muscles are tired, and you keep pushing. So after I did the warm up, I was pretty much done for.  But I kept pushing myself.  I did take some extra breaks, and took all my water breaks, but I hanged in there.  You know what they say, successful people bite more than they can chew, and then they just start chewing...well thats how I am feeling about Asylum! LOL Not sure what I got myself into but I am continuing to tackle it! :)

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