Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 8 of Asylum - Vertical Plyo

I am being such a baby! LOL I have to terms that the 30day Asylum program is going to take me more than 30 days, but no worries, its become one of those things that have become personal and I must conquer.  Since doing Asylum I've never "felt" my hamstrings, I knew about them, have to stretch them but didn't understand why, now I know.  My hamstrings are sore! especially my right side. Not sure what that is about, but just in case, I am taking it easy with Asylum so I am taking breaks in between days.  The next workout is Vertical Plyo.  I had it scheduled for last night, but since it was Dia de Las Madres, I got pampered at home, next thing I knew it was 11pm.   So my goal is tonight.  There are no more mothers day celebration so there are no excuses.  

But hamstrings are...ouch! I am not injured or anything, but when I am not moving my legs, which is most of the day as I have a desk job my legs get stiff! The first steps I take after sitting down for awhile its like I am Frankestein, can't bend my knees right away :) Anyway, I am working on not getting injured  hence why I am attacking Asylum slowly! Its going to be a great program to spring me over to Insanity. 

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