Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 11 of Asylum - Game Day!

Howdy Folks! well Tuesday was Game Day! It was a kick your butt full 58min of intense sports drills...totally awesome.  I am quite proud and impressed with myself that I didn't bow out half way through it! Tonight is Day 12 and according to my schedule its Back and Core!  I have 7 more days to really train and prep myself for Game Day again PLUS overtime, I am very physched about that!

Tonight I do have cardio as well, I have a 4mile jog/walk day on the treadmill...for my 10k training coming up in August.  I'll have a busy evening, but I am feeling good.  I am feeling "light"....I am liking that I swaped my shakeology for the evening! I am having my heavier meals in the first part of the day and then progressively get smaller portions, I must say that it has been working for me!

The Asylum Nutrion Plan works like this:

1st Meal - Protein and Start (approx 500 calories or for lower calorie modification 300 calories)
2nd Meal - Protein & Starch OR Protein and Veggies - 400 calories (or 300 calories)
3rd Meal Protein  and Veggie (Protein, Starch and Veggie 3x a week)  - 300 calories
4th Meal All Salad!VEG OUT
5th Meal Protein and Veggie 300 calories
6th Have a Shakeology or swap it for Meal 4 or 5

To choose from healthier Protein/Veggie and Carbs check out Michis Ladder and stay on the Top 2 Tiers!

Happy Eatings and workouts everyone!

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