Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 12 Asylum - Back and Core

Hi Friends!

So yesterday I did my 4mile jog and walk! and I actually jogged for 2miles at a steady pace, non stop, I was very proud of myself! however I was spent! and I remember my own advice, that I really shouldn't do Asylum when I am already tired so I can focus on form.  So I decided to leave back and core for this morning, and guess what? I did! I stuck to my guns and did Back and Core this morning.  I really thought I was going to skip it because I was already running late, but I stopped myself, and pushed play, and completed 100% even the cool down, YAY me!

During the warm up I am getting better at the different jumping jacks, and I still love those monkey squats, they feel so good in my hamstrings.  Back and Core is just one of my favorites DVD's in this program, because there isn't any crazy jumping, its mostly holding the positions, and you totally feel the back and core working!  I am still struggling with the reverse planks, I have a hard time keeping my legs straight, so I do modify a bit by bending my knees a bit.  But I really like the lateral back exercises, pulling that little band is hard work! I totally feel my back sweating. 

So tomorrow is Day 13 and I have strenght, however tomorrow I have another jog scheduled too, I am thinking 2 mile, and 1 mile incline, and then just 1 mile walking.  I'll probably leave my jog for the AM and Strenght for the PM.  That's the plan!

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