Friday, May 6, 2011

Asylum - Day 7 Strength

Hi friends!

Well Day 7 of Asylum was actually completed this Monday (5/2/11).   I don't think I've gotten used to Shaun's warm ups yet.  His warm ups, in my books are like a complete workout! I had already come to the conclusion that I really should do Asylum workouts in the AM, when I am more likely to feel more refreshed.  I did strength in the PM of Monday and honestly I was already tired! Ironically the warmup and the first strength and cardio combination gave me a boost of energy, but by the 2nd circuit I was done.  However, I kept pushing and I finished the workout.  During the Pushup/shoulder taps I had to admit I wasn't coming as deep into my pushup and eventually I had to go on my knees.   I particularly like Strength because of the added cardio benefit, you are not crazily moving around like in Speed and Agility or Vertical Plyo but my heart rate was up and I was sweating bullets, you can't beat that!

Since Monday I had taken a small break...but tonight is Day 8! Core and Back, and I will also jump for about 20min on the treadmill, I am feeling good this evening!

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