Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Asylum Day 14 - Relief!

Sunday was Day 14 of Asylum, and it was Relief! and honestly I repeated Day 14 - Relief again on Monday :)  the workout Relief in Asylum truly is relief, you get to stretch and really let your body recuperate itself.   I really like it because its only 25 minutes long!  Shaun T's voice is low, but you don't feel like you are going to fall in total relaxation or anything, and it feels good!    The reason why I repeated Day 14 back to back was because on Sunday I did a 5mile jog/walk for my 10k training, so I really felt like I need that extra stretch.  

I am seriously thinking of adding Relief as much as I can to my workout schedule, its short like I mentioned, and after a good workout, you are warm enough to really get the benefits of these stretches. 

So, basically I took yesterday as my full rest day (except for the Relief) and today I am back on full training mode.  This morning I did 2.5 miles and followed a Fartlke, on the treadmill!  I must say I am enjoying the treadmill, I put my laptop on the dashboard, and blast you tube videos!  Tonight is Day 15 of Asylum and I have Speed and Agility!   I am going to need to this in the living room, because the garage has carpet, and the carpet trips me up during this workout so I did "reserve" the living room for myself tonight, will the kids comply?  I am the boss and I am in a "no excuses" mode today, so I won't budge, they can watch TV in the garage if they so choose.   

I am ready to bring out the Athlete in me tonight! :)

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