Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 15 of Asylum - Vertical Plyo

WOW! Finally after my 4 day weekend camping trip, and giving my body some recovery time on Tuesday, on Wed morning I hit play with some Vertical Plyo!  It felt great.  I still have a hard time doing the jump rope in a split leg position but I am getting better.  Tomorrow I have strength   , and I am doing it again 1st thing in the Morning.  With Asylum I need energy to be able to tackle it properly, and in the morning, I might not be all bubbly and ready to roll, but I feel refresh and relax and my mind is able to focus on good form.  

Talking about energy, today I listened to June's Car Smart from Chalene Johnson, her topic is about energy, it totally recharged me! Its an extremely awesome audio...the complete Car Smart is good audio, but June's is particularly good!  She talks about 14 areas in how to get and beget energy! Energy is a cycle and everything you do, eat, think, behavior, your friends, all of that affect your energy.   And she still brought in her quote "your energy comes from here" and she points to her brain, I love that! and its what I miss from Turbo, but I just tell my self that, so tonight after my work, after feeding the kids and spending quality time with them, I AM, I WILL BE RUNNING 3 MILES on my treadmill! It all comes from within, and the shakeology I had earlier today and my awesome veggie salad, and my watermelon, and my oatmeal that I will have as my afternoon snack, and the water I am drinking all that in combination is what is going to get me to accomplish my running goal tonight :)

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