Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 2 of Chalean Extreme

Good morning!

Well today is my rest day from Chalean Extreme!   When I woke up this morning, my chest muscles were stiff and sore!  YAY! I welcome the's been a while since I felt that kind of soreness in my upper body.  

Per the Chalean Extreme schedule, today is my rest day, but  I didn't NOT want to do anything so I  decided to do my Cardio!  What's my favorite cardio?  well if you haven't figure it out already its TURBO! Turbo Jam (which is really for beginners) Turbo Fire, and of course now Turbo Kick!  Since I am now a certified instructor, I get all the awesome music and choreography and I practice to my hearts content!  Speaking of which, this past Saturday I got to showcase the punching section of round 44, a special thanks to Anita the TK instructor that teaches TK on Saturday mornings at the San Mateo Sports 24hr fitness!  It was a great natural high for me to get front and center and showcase that punching section.  I am naturally a quite girl...not one to seek attention.  I remember when I was in 5-6th grade there used to be a talent show at school, I would happily watch my friends practice their dances, but in no way would I have volunteered to participate!  although, thinking back I did participate in the 6th grade Drill Team and we performed for the school. That was so nerve racking!   After it was done I remember thinking to myself, well that's the last time I bring attention to myself! but I must say that I must secretly enjoy being front in center, because in middle school in Mexico I was part of the "escolta" which is a Mexican tradition, kinda like saying the pledge to the flag every morning, but in Mexico its on Monday mornings, and the escolta brings out the flag and then the school sings the national anthem before starting the school week.   So I guess I am a "front and center closet girl" that hasn't come quite come out and declare that she enjoys to perform for the world to see ;)

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