Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 3 of Chalean Extreme!

Good morning!

Today is day 3 of Chalean Extreme!  I didn't want to get up this morning to tackle my workout!  it is my day off, I wanted to lounge more in bed.  But when I woke up everybody was still sleeping.  The only ones that were awake and active were my 2 cats who happened to have a bit of a disagreement, not sure over what, so I got up and scooted them outside so that they could take a chill pill.  I was up! so I said, well I might as well get my tennis shoes on (Because for my pijamas I always sleep with my workout clothes so all I have to do is put on my shoes in the morning -- yeah I've been told by my husband that I am "lazy" for doing that, I say its a way to ensure I do what I plan the night before ;)

That was around 7am, so I knew that the kids would wake up soon, and the only place I can do my turbo is in the living room, so I did that first! I did a full round of 38 -- almost got it!  I only had to refer back to the DVD for the recovery and finale just so that I can "oh yeah, thats the move"  Right at the end of the Finale, guess what all three babies where awak and wanted me to put the disney channel, it was a good thing that I only had like 1 1/2 left of the finale, I made them wait.

 After the Turbo I decided while the kids were being entertained by Disney, to go head to the  garage and tackle Burn Circuit 2!  I still can't believe I haven't lost all of my strenght!  I curled 15lbs, and for some of the row exercises I did 25!  I mean not all of the row, towards the end there I had to go down to 20lbs :)

Here I am saying "I am done! how about you? Come on! and groove" LOL

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