Monday, November 28, 2011

Days 4-8 of Chalean Extreme

Hey Hey Hey!

Don't think I've have forgotten about my strength training! :)  Here is a Recap!

Day 4 - Thanksgiving Day:  On Thursday I decided to wake up early enough to get my Burn Intervals done before I started cooking for the Thanksgiving meal! Mission Accomplished!  I got my workout of the way, and I started cooking and enjoying my day with the family.  While I was cooking I didn't really obsessed with calories, and finding healthier substitutions...I just wanted to cook and enjoy the day with my kids.  We had a huge turkey, we also had Ham, and we also grilled a piece of Filet Mignon.  We had the usual side dishes, the green been casserole, smashed potatoes, apple,sausage,onion stuffing, and of course the pumpkin pies! (please note the plural on the pies!)

Big Turkey!
My Stuffing - Light on the bread
Omar grated some cheese!

Ximena helped with the pumpkin pies!
Eric helped with the Ham!
We made Foot and Hand Turkeys!

Ximena was grateful for the "Turkey"

Eric and Will Thankful for the pies!  

Day 5: Black Friday -- well today was supposed to be my  day for Burn Circuit 3 and I have to admit that I skipped this day, I did not do it despite my intentions of completing it after we had gone to watch the Muppets movie and the do a bit of black Friday shopping.  So I decided to come clean and admit that I skipped out on the workout for this day, BUT I need to put in my plug so that you go and watch The Muppets!  so fun, makes you feel good, the songs are great!  the jokes are well written, even my teenagers enjoyed it!   

Day 6 - All the food and family time and Skipped on the Burn it Off and Recharge....

Day 7 - Rest day!

So there you have it....week 1 of chalean extreme was not perfect....but this week I am committed to make it it PERFECT and follow the schedule to the T!  Tonight I have burn circuit 1 - and I am not missing it!  Have a great Fitness week! Lets Bring It!  -- now after the Thanksgiving Eats...I feel I need a Shakeology Cleanse, I know my body and I will be thankful for it! 

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