Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 8 of Chalean Extreme - Burn Circuit 1


So mission accomplished! Burn Circuit 1 done! So that means I am starting off week 2 with a bang!   I am seriously considering getting the Select Techs...the 20lbs are not as challenging, but the 25lbs are a bit too much, I would think that the 22 1/2 lbs will be perfect for some of the exercises.

My eating has been a bit off, I think its because I am still hanged up with the Thanksgiving Holiday.  So yesterday, my meal plan was as follows:

6:30am - Shakeology with 5-6 frozen Strawberries  and one spoon of PB2

10:0am - 2nd Shakeology with 1/2 a banana, ice and one spoon of PB2

12:30pm - Turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread and cranberry sauce - 1 orange

4:30pm - Yoplait Light Blueberry

8:00pm - whole wheat pasta with sauteed onion, mushroom, bell pepper with left over filet mignon, with only 1 tablespoon of alfredo sauce (or less, it was very little) and half a nut muffing from Mimi's cafe...

and well the muffin was my downfall for last night's meal.   As you can tell I did 2 shakes, after overeating like I did during the Thanksgiving break, drinking shakeology makes my insides better if you know what I mean, I feel lighter, and have more bounce in my step when working out it takes all the sluggishness away.  I am still thinking about the 3 day cleanse, but before I do I need to purchase some greens for my salad and I haven't had time to swing by costco.  Evenings have been hectic at home, usually get home, sit down and help Ximena with her homework, start dinner, eat dinner, hang out with the older kids and have conversation with them while we eat, then spend a few minutes with the youngest ones, then its bed time...last time I wasn't lucky so they went to bed without a shower, which considering the weather at least they are not all stinky! LOL

So the plan tonight:

Ximena Homework
Quality time with the kiddos (this may include bath time)
Practice TK44 full round
Bed Time!

keep your fingers crossed so that all goes as planned!

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