Monday, November 21, 2011

My 2nd Round of Chalean Extreme!

Today was my day 1 of Chalean Extreme! this is my 2nd round this year, I did one round in the summer.  It was great. I really wanted to do P90X this fall, but this is the time of year where it gets so hectic at work, separating a full chunk of AT LEAST an hour, its tough!   and Chalean Extreme is only 45min tops!  So I decided to do another round of Chalean Extreme, it just works a lot better with my schedule.

 I wanted to start it almost a month ago, but my garage was a complete mess.  My garage is my gym when it comes to Strength Training this is where I keep my dumbbells, and where I pop in the DVD and push play.  I can't do it in the living room.   However, the garage is also the play room for my kids, and in the break when I stopped lifting, the kids took over that room.   Toys, clothes, blankets were all over the place!  you couldn't walk with out stepping on toys, let alone exercise!

All last week I kept posting about it on Facebook that I need to get back to lifting and that I needed to clean my garage again.  But it was just too daunting! finally on Saturday I put my foot down, and said no more, this mess has to be cleaned up.  I took it section at a time, and 3 hours later, my garage was once again my workout room and the kids playroom.  Once again we share this room!   that I was going get back in the weightlifting.

What can I say?  My day 1 of Burn Circuit 1 - went well! I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't loose any of my strength  and could still lift somewhat heavy!  for the posterior deltoids (is that it?  the back of the shoulders almost the upper back)  I was doing 15lbs, vs the 12lbs that Chalene was doing...yeah I have to brag about it :)  and I did all the push-ups on my toes, no knee push-ups for me! It was a great surprise...Round 2, here we go again!  LIFT HEAVY OR GO HOME!

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