Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week 4/25/16 - Update 1

Happy Tuesday! I realized the schedule had a small error.  Sunday at 9am is PiYo:

Yesterday: Well let me tell you that I taught 4 classes! ouch! yeah you heard me right :) I taught Overdrive which is basically Insanity, Chisel (Toning) my regular Yoga Sculpt (PiYo) Class and Zumba! THEN I still got home, and after dinner and hanging out for a bit with the kids before sending to bed I actually completed Lean 2 (weight lifting program) and I caught up with last weeks squats and bridge hips).  Today I need to catch up with yesterday and todays squats and some mule kicks :)....on the upside I slept like a baby last night :) Food...I still ate too much.  At the end it was 2613 calorise (based on app) you might think well she had lots of activity it should be fine, the problem were the type of calories I had chocolate chip cookies from made by a co-worker and some Tortuga Caribbean rum cake...yeah I need to work on that :) one day at a time 

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