Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 4.25.15

WOW! Last week of April! I can't believe it! With that said here is this week's schedule:

Also in May I have 2 special events I will attend.  

1.  Wednesday  5/4 I will be Logan High School we are doing a Zumba Fundraiser hope you can you join me and the other instructors. MORE INFO:

James Logan High School's ICL (Institute of Community Leaders) program is hosting a Zumba Night to raise funds for their program on Wednesday, May 4th from 6-7 pm in their Al Rodrigues Gym. ICL works with students to support them in meeting all the four-year college entrance requirements. This 60-minute Zumba class will be fun and for a great cause! $10 Cash at the Door.Your instructors for the Zumba Night will include Javier Alvarez, Carmen Arroyo, Vincent Carretero, Amy Chang, Quinta Douglas, Desiree Dupes, Faye Fernandez-Rivera, and Jacki Sprague.For more information about ICL go to:

2.  Saturday 5/7 I will be going to this special event and dance for Autism, hope you can join me:

Personal Journey:On one hand I am happy to report I met my goal of weight training! and also did some extra squats :) Food is still a challenge.   This week the plan is do: Lean 2, Lean 3) in that order.  After that I would officially be done with the "90 day" Chalean Extreme Program that I started back in October...I know right? The longest 90 day ever! I do plan to really start the program again This Saturday and by the end of the 90 day weight lifiting (3x a week) it will be time for convention.  That will be my pre-convention challange - wish me luck! 

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