Monday, February 1, 2016

New Month! New Things!

Happy February!

Here is this month's schedule 

Did you notice the back to back classes on Friday? YAY! thank you very much for voting! The 6pm time slot and the Back to Back option were tied! Zumba toning had the most votes followed closely by Cize and PiYo!  7pm *only* was  checked by 2 students only.  So based on this 6pm will be Zumba Toning, and since I need to challenge myself and get myself out of my comfort zone (piYo was totally out of my comfort zone, but I did it!) so I am pushing myself to give you the best Cize Live EVER! LOL so there you have it! if you truly want to do PiYo I invite you to join at Crunch San Lorenzo for my Yoga Sculpt class Monday's at 6:30pm and Sunday's at 10:30am!

This weekend was filled with family events as well as Zumba events, and I am feeling energized and tired at the same time! thank you guys for joining on Friday to an AWESOME Master Class in San Jose with ZJs Meli and Rob, it was filled with so much energy! 

Don't forget there 2 special events this month that I plan to go to, let's go! get your tickets :) You guys have no idea how excited I am about these Master Classes.  As you know I am a Meli groupie, if I can go to her events you know I will be there.  Cheryl Hall was one of my favorite Jammers when I first became an instructor, and was sad for me, but happy for her when she became a Zes (Zumba Educational Specialist) 

Guess what?! This Feb 4th is my Zumba Anniversary! I got my Zumba Training on 2/4/12 with the Padilla Couple Zes) So this Thursday I will have a special playlist with MY favorite songs! 

I have another announcement :) Zumba formulated their own Shake....if you know I am a beachbody coach, and really enjoy their Shakeology for my health.  I am super Happy Zumba came out with their own, and it's filled with basic but good things your body needs! probiotics, vegan protien, enzymes...although Shakeology is good, it's also packed with so much vitamins, that your body gets bombarded with and more than likely won't get absorbed.  You should get your vitamins and minerals from food anyway! that's right veggies and fruits ;) and it taste really good! Stay tuned because I will be holding challenges on clean portion control, and you don't even have to do the shake if you don't want.  I just want us to get back on track on feeding our bodies with the right foods...getting into that habit of feeding our body because our bodies are working hard for us.    

Oh and I did mention to a few of you that I have Zumba Shirts for sell! $10 so remind me if you want to buy some, I tend to forget to make the annoucements in class 

and also if you go to and shop for zumba gear you can get a 10% discount just use code TRUEFIT you save and I make a commission ;) 

Have an awesome week! and if I don't see at Crunch tonight I'll see you tomorrow! FEBRUARY IS HERE! dig Deep and don't forget your Resolutions.  

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