Monday, February 8, 2016

Week of 2/8/16

Good Morning!
Hope you had a great weekend! Here is this week's schedule!

Last week was our kick off for our Friday classes! it was awesome! We set the tone with Zumba Toning! then we closed the night with some Cize Live! it was very fun! So what exactly is Cize? well it's a Choreograph Dance Routine for EVERYDAY People! it's not really a dance class, it's a dance fitness format.  We are constantly moving. Through out the class you will learn 8 moves and at the end end of the class we will put the 8 moves together to a specific song.  In the next 5-6 weeks our Cize it Up song will be One Last Time! last Friday was our first time and it was super fun, I loved how we interacted and laughed together! so come out this Friday and let's Cize it Up!  We made a video :) I am not posting yet, but if you want to look at it, we can do a show and tell in class tomorrow :)

A status on my personal journey.  Last week I finished up week 3 of Push Phase of Chalean Extreme.  This week I should finish week 4.  My struggle is still the food...I am struggling, big time! But I am determined to get the type of food I am eating back into a happy balance for me.  I know I can't give up bread 100%, or chocolate 100%...but I do want to minimize my intake :) when I eat chocolate or pastries I want to eat it and enjoy it...that does not mean I want to eat chocolate and bread everyday :) which is what I am basically been doing.   So slowly but surely.  This week my goal is to eat at home :) and avoid take outs and restaurants.  What are some of your goals? Share with me and we keep accountable together!

Have an awesome week! Remember you can also join me at Crunch San Lorenzo
Monday: 6:30pm - Yoga Sculpt
Monday: 7:30pm - Zumba
Saturay: 11am - Cardio Taibox
Saturday:11:30am - Absolution
Sunday: 10:30am - Yoga Sculpt 

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