Monday, February 22, 2016

Week Schedule 2.22.16

Good morning! here is this week's schedule :

We have a fun week ahead! you will notice there is no class this Friday at Flor de Mexico, HOWEVER we will have a 90min Zumba class at Crunch at 6pm, this is open to you guys, just say you are my guest, and give $10 for the ALS Fundraiser and receive a crunch t-shirt and you get to dance for 90min! how cool and fun is that?! 

On Friday and Sunday I got to dance with two of my favorite zumba instructors! Meli and Cheryl! I just love Cheryl dramatic facial expressions and Meli's off the chart energy? it was just pretty awesome :) 

On Saturday I also went to Efren's jam session, I learned 4 new choreos.  I will bring 3 this week! Get ready for a revamped playlist! I am bringing a couple of my own choreo and some inspired from the MC this weekend :) (if you are a Crunch Zumba buddy, my crunch playlist won't get revamped until March ;) 

I haven't finished week 4 of the Push Phase of my weight training. I just need one more workout to do for me to move on the Lean phase.  I will push to finish the last workout tonight, so that on Wed night I can start my first Lean phase workout! In terms of eating I am getting a better handle from that side. At least I am feeling a lot better than how I was feeling just 2 weeks ago.  

Have a great week and I will see you soon!

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