Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 1.25.16

Good morning! 

Hope you had an amazing weekend! Here is this week's schedule (Same :) 

This weekend I got Cize Trained! how many of you took Dori's demo? did you enjoy it? would you like this format to come to TrueFit? It was fun! I won't lie it was a bit challenging for me :) 

Last week I mentioned I missed Zumba Toning....and then I thought the dance floor is not being used at Flor De Mexico on Friday Nights.  SO I did a survey on FB, some of you answered but I need to hear from more of you :) we can do 1 or 2 classes (back to back) start early 6:00pm and 7:00pm.  One of the formats will be Toning ;) it's a toss up really what could be the 2nd format.  We can do PiYo (very much needed especially for you guys that are just my little cardio energy beasts!) we can go for Insanity...strength (you are using your body) and Cardio, we can rock out and Pound away the stress...or Kick and Punch with Turbo Kick (by the way TK is getting re-vamped the next round that is coming out will be MUCH Simpler and there will more rehearsal moves during the sections leading up to the Turbo Drill, I can't wait to see the new round) we can go Bolly! I LOVE India rhythms...and NOW we can even include CIZE! LOL...way too many options, but I want to HEAR from you! if you can post on FB that would be awesome! but I will also have a written survey this week and next.  I am hoping we can have our 1st Friday class on  2/5.  Please note Friday classes may get cancelled due to special EVENTS so make sure to check the weekly schedules.

Speaking of SPECIAL Events Here are some special events I will be attending.  I know some of you are coming with me this Friday so let's coordinate so we can carpool! 

Trust me when I say these events will be so worth it!  and they do sell out, so make sure to purchase your tickets at :) 

Have an awesome week! and I will see you guys tomorrow!

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