Friday, January 20, 2017

Week 1/23/17

Happy Friday! 

Yes I am blogging a little bit earlier for week 1/23/17  :)

Here is the schedule for 1/23/17:

I want to appreciate you guys coming out this week despite the rainy and cold weather! 

Can you believe we are are almost one month in 2017? crazy.  With that said here is the schedule for February:

So yes! February is my Zin anniversary, back in 2/4/12 I went to my Zumba training :) fun and exhausting day! to celebrate will have a 90 minute class on Thursday 2/2/17 with all my favorites along the years :) 

Another thing to note is that on the week of 2/13 the schedule is altered:

2/14 - 1 class only at 6pm (Zumba)
2/16 - 1 class only at 7pm (Zumba)
2/15 - No class

Hope you guys have a great week! and let's keep crushing! 

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