Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Turbo Kick Progress

Wohoo! its the only way to describe my Turbo Kick progress.  As you may or may not know I got Turbo certified on August 28th.  I got my "pass" on the written and practical test last week!  But I haven't been idle about it! I've been practicing my round 44 more or less least at a minimum of 15min a day...its just has become part of my regular workout routine.  Also last Friday I got the notes of the presenter from the practical test  And on all of the sections only 1 correction was made...either need to keep my shoulders back or add power!  So now I know what to fix and work too!

I did video taped myself about 2 weeks ago, doing the Turbo warm up.  That's how I tackled learning my.  I'm taking one section at a time.  I have the punches,kicks, punches & kicks choreography down!  Right now I am learning the Turbo section...and I do believe that after I practice tonight I'll be able to tick that off and move unto the Recovery section!  Turbo its just so much fun, and I really do think that I'm in my element!  I still need to video tape myself on the sections that I believe I have mastered so that I can critique myself, I think I'll do that tonight.  But for now I leave you with the very first time I video taped myself with the warmup....

ohh I am also working with local TK instructors, they are showing me all kinds of tricks and tips....Its just been so much fun, and really TK is like therapy for me, I've been swamped with so many things lately, that the time I take to do TK practice is really "ME" time, not even my normal workout time...that is just something that I have to do...TK is all about having fun and enjoying myself ;)

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