Thursday, September 22, 2011

Brown Bag Challenge - Going Strong

Hi Friends,

Yes! I am still doing the brown bag challenge! In case you missed this, I am participating on Healthy Eats Brown Bag Challenge, which basically is bring your lunch everyday and make it healthy. I've been able to stick with it! couple of times I have done PB&J.   The other day I made Enfrijoladas for dinner, and I decided since I was already making them to make extra for my lunch, and it worked out perfectly!

Now what are Enfrijoladas you say? Basically they are like Enchiladas, except they are made with a Bean Sauce rather than Red Chile Sauce.  Basically I cooked a pot of pinto beans, blended them to make a sauce, put some mozarrella chese, I didn't have any Queso Fresco.

I didn't fry the tortilla, it just warmed it self in the Bean Sauce...the bean sauce its creamy, when you just blended no need to add cream or milk.

Then you just roll the tortilla, I did just add cheese, you can also add onion, or chicken.

Then you can top it off with I said I used mozarella, tasty and easy, and your getting all that protein from the beans! I used pinto beans, but I wonder what it would taste with black beans and cumin..mmm....

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