Monday, September 12, 2011

Brown Bag Challenge Day 8

Well During the Month of September, I am sticking to the Brown-bag challenge set up by Healthy Eats! The point of the challenge is to bring your lunch to work and keep it healthy! Now although I am pretty good at bringing my lunch and snacks to work, the challenge here is to bring more things that are unprocessed, and be creative in the kitchen.  Something that is not my "forte" at all.   But I am sticking to the challenge.  My lunches have not been anything spectacular yet, but what I am loving about this challenge, is all the ideas I am getting from my fellow brown-bag challengers!   Love their recipes, and alternatives, and ideas.  So my creativity is expanding and can't wait to start putting into practice some the new things that I am learning!

So today, for lunch I stuck to my "regular" mixed green salad with red bell pepper, broccoli, tomatoe, hard boiled egg, turkey, BUT I added some dried cranberries! I let myself down by not making my own dressing, this was just an oversight on my part, because I do have lemons, and vinegar at home that I could have easily done one, but because this is not part of my regular routine, it just skipped my mind.  I need to make sticky notes around my kitchen!

The good news is that after this salad, I no longer have greens at home to continue the salad theme, which will force me to get creative tonight for tomorrow and avoid reaching for the canned Campbell Harvest Select Canned Soup!

if you haven't join the challenge, join us! is super fun, follow us on twitter too with the #brownbag tag :)Make it an awesome week peeps!

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