Monday, July 25, 2011

Eating Healthy Part 2

Good morning guys!

Well as I mentioned last Monday, all last week I was going to be focusing on eating foods that were filled with nutrients, rather than focus on low calories.  Low calorie does not necessarily mean you are eating healthy, especially if one relies heavily and pre-packaged food.  Let me tell you that I ate A LOT! My salads were huge.   I did egg white veggie scrambles, and one of them I added spinach to them, and it was a pretty large portion.  Most of the time I felt like I over ate at lunch.  The way I was eating last week in conjunction with my Shakeology I felt awesome! I did a lot of work, both at the office, at home, and  with my beachbody business - I have some personal issues that I am working out as well and let me tell you that normally I would be stressed out with food in hand and in mouth to help me cope with my to-do's....I admit I am an emotional eater and normally when I feel stressed out I really don't think about what I am eating.  But this tactic that I did last week, really helped me a lot.  As I mentioned, after lunch I felt like I had eaten 2-3 bites too much, and it really helped curve those afternoon cravings.   I saw a difference in my work out performance and the length of my soreness.  Overall I must say it was a success.  So my advice, focus on food that has more nutrients, that are more in their natural state rather than obsessing with calories - and stay away from pre-packaged/processed food as much as you can.  I felt the difference.

This is Monday, so I say lets focus in taking care of ourselves because you know what that means? it will trickle down to our loved ones :) Happy Monday!

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