Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Am I Fat?

If you follow me on facebook, you'll know that I sometimes complain that I just don't have time to watch television.  Its takes lots of effort and scheduling to sit down and watch a full season of any show.  With my 5 kids, my work schedule, home schedule, and making sure I get my full of hour of exercise everyday television takes a back seat.  Most of the time the shows that run in my TV are usually things like Kai-Lan, backyardigans, Dino Dan -- or any nick jr show ;)

I sometimes have the TV in the morning when I am prepping for work just as background noise.   Last week I had it on E (the local news was kinda depressing me) and one of the Kardashians show was on.  I forget exactly which one since they seem to have several, but truth be told the Kardashians are my guilty pleasure.  As I said I don't watch their shows very often, but this particular show, probably not a recent one since it was showing in the morning,  was about Kloe Kardashian, and how her mom Chris told her she needed to loose weight, and she had a photo shoot.  You could see the stress on Kloe's face, trying to make it as no big deal, saying that she was a bigger girl than normal...and really she is tall and voluptuous.  In my mind I am thinking really?   She is not overweight! not fat! why make it a big deal, and it got me a bit sad because for most of us women that is the reality.   The whole getting fit/eating low cal is because we have this image of how we must look like.  At one point in the show Kloe kinda finally broke crying to her husband (there was a back story about cleaning up for themselves) and she started crying, of course her husband thought it was because the kitchen was a mess, but that was just what tipped the iceberg.  The whole "weight issue" came up, and how she knows she can be a bit slimmer, but how she doesn't want to obsess with weight and be a good role model to girls out there.  Needless to say that this particular episode grabbed my attention and I was running 20min late! LOL

Now I understand the whole role model thing, I try my best to emphasize that my lifestyle of exercise and trying to eat better is not about having Shakira's abs! truth be told with 5 kids, it will be very difficult and its not something I want to beat myself up for.  We need to find an emotional balance with our weight/body image and how society might want us to look.  I can't remember if Kloe said this in between her sobs, or if it was my thinking about this while I listened to her, but at the end of the day is how comfortable you feel, do you feel good? do you have energy to keep up with your life? In the end we must happy and comfortable with our bodies without obsessing about being fat or going to the extreme and developing bulimia and keeping in mind that we must be healthy to take care of our families needs.   I think this is why having a support system is important, we keep each other in check ;)

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