Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Benefits of Exercise

"you don't drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there" Edwin Louis Cole

At one point in our lives we tell ourselves that "we really should exercise" When it does we either get with the program, or come up with excuses to continue our life style until we give our family a health scare.  If you are lucky it will just be a health scare that can be reversed, if you are not then I am afraid you will not be reading this.

I don't like to get scolded or listen to lectures, so don't worry this post is not meant that way, just stating the facts.   For whatever reason we've found ourselves overweight, sluggish, not feeling very active...granted you might not feel depressed, you might actually like your life, like the people who surround you, enjoy going out with your friends and even enjoy an active sex life.  Or you might be on the other side of spectrum, you are depressed, you are unsatisfied, your family and friend might not be  very nice... the point is that you are now realizing that you are not as healthy as you can be, and you are looking for that push, for that click that will make you decide that enough is enough and you will start making an effort to get your health back in control.  I am here to tell you that no matter how many motivational quotes you read, how many affirmations you tell yourself, if you are not ready, if you don't have a very powerful why to get you active and start to eat healthy it will be very difficult for you, but not impossible!

Don't get me wrong you don't need that powerful "why" to get started.  For now you just need to decide to start.   You need to be prepared for good days, and bad days.  The key is to not let the bad days play with your mind.  If you fall down, have a bad day, made a bad meal choice, then know that you don't have to get stuck on that funk.  Move on and when the next meal comes around focus on that and don't dwell that you had chocolate muffin for breakfast, but focus on what your lunch choice will be.    When people say its a life style change, it really is, you probably won't start that way, but you will be amazed how your thought processes will evolved.  Be aware that you will have bad days, but keep on going and not quit.   You will be amazed not only on your new body, but on the strengths that your character will develop.  For extra support make me your coach!

"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination" Tommy Lasorda

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