Friday, March 11, 2011

I met Brett Hoebel!

Yesterday, Thursday March 10, 2011 I attended an event in Monterrey, CA where Brett Hoebel attended a conference geared for P.E. Teachers and he also gave a free workout to the teachers as well as the public.   I was so excited about it!

I took the day off and left around 11:00am with Denise Romero, a fellow beachbody coach and we headed out to Monterrey.  It took us about an hour and a half to get there.   We made 2 wrong turns, but we got there with plenty of time!  We looked for parking, found a parking garage near the Custom Plaza House in Monterrey, and we walked over.  We found 2 fellow beachbody coaches who were setting up table full of beachbody programs, shakeology, recovery drink, and P90X protein bars.  We introduced ourselves, then proceeded to find a place to have lunch, because we were starving!

We couldn't find a place to eat! We decided to have lunch at the hotel's restaurant called Jacks.  It was soo good! I figured I might as well order something that I normally wouldn't have.  I ordered the Chef's Signature Dish, which was a sandwich....however it was on ciabatta bread with sliced steak and me it was delish!  Denise was much better than I, however her plate looked very tasty as well.  She ordered a whole wheat chicken looked yummy as well.  

We then headed back to the beachbody table, and really hanged out with the fellow coaches, we met Joy, Melinda and Wendy.  It turned out that all 3 were local!  Joy and Melinda are from both Denise and I home town! I am super excited about that.  We get to bounce ideas, and work with fellow coaches crossed lines.  It was just great.  I also got to meet outside of facebook land one of my personally sponsored coaches Megan Noce! that was super fun and it was nice.  I got to connect with her face to face and moon over Brett :)

Brett is a really nice guy, very down to earth, and needles to say he is even more sexy than when you seem him on TV, and very lean, you can tell fitness is not only his job, but his life.  He was amazing. He lead an hour long workout, and I am happy to report that I was able to keep up! First he showed us proper technique with some capoeira moves, he then proceeded to warm us up.  Honestly the warm up was fast paced, so I have no idea when we proceeded into the workout.  The Plaza was filled with House Music, and his energy as well as the people around us was great.  Brett walked around the group (or I must say bounced around) and he moved the front of the line several times so that everyone could see him.  

After the workout he went back to the convention center to sign autographs and take more pictures.  Honestly it was just a great day!  I leave you friends with these words from Brett :)

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