Thursday, March 3, 2011

I am loosing my Mojo!

 Okay...I think Iam loosing my mojo.  Mid week of 2/14/11 we all got a stomach bug at the house, it wasn't pretty.  Considering there is 7 of us, and only one bathroom you might see where that might be a problem LOL -  granted Cesar is still on diapers -  it still wasn't pretty to say the least.

Anywho, finally the following week we were ready to roll and the Flu Virus hit our home.  Granted Angel nor I got sick (wonder why? Shakeology maybe?), but all 5 kids did.  The 2 older kids are not demanding.  I don't need to cuddle them any longer (which is kind of sad actually) however the 3 youngest kids (OMG) constant demand, constant whinning, constant hugging.  All you can do at that point is waited out, have the Advil handy, and provide lots of clear fluids.  Needlees to say during the last 2 weeks of February my workouts schedule got off, I was stressed out and not being able to workout did not help.  I admit I did over do it with the eating. 

I decided to recommit myself and to restart week 5, day 1 of P90X this Monday (2/28/11).  However, I wasn't (and still not) bringing it.  Based on the numbers I am not doing as many my mind has been going a bit "wild" I've been scattered to say the least, I missed biceps last nght.  I just haven't been able to get back into our routine.  I am not waking up early to get my Turbo Fire in (at least not consistently) The kids are not going to bed, watching Oobi, while I am working out.  Where is my groove? where is my mojo? I WANT IT BACK! good thing is that I realized this before it really gets out of control.  I've come to realize that when life happens, I can't start complaining about it.  If I realize there is a problem, then I should fix it.  So I am participating in this 3k push up challenge by the end of the month.  I am actively looking for runs to register and train for later in the year.   I still need to get every one back on track, and going back to my regular scheduled routine but I know this and I am working on it.  As Tony says do your best and forget the rest...Pure Wisdom I tell you :)

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