Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 1/18/16

Good morning TrueFitt'ers!

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Here is this week's schedule

it's basically the same :) except I am really hoping this Saturday I will have a Zumba toning playlist for you.  After Friday's class with Meli and Abraham (Thanks Dorinda for joining me!) I

realized how much I miss it.  Late last year I took Meli's workshop called Spark.  And basically shows you how to build a cardio sculpt class effectively and safely, and keeping it FUN!  I really want to start implementing those concepts. So for now I will need to keep my Zumba Toning as is until I create a new playlist with the SPARK concepts...and I will probably need to rename the class :) 

I also went to my first jam session of the year! Do you guys remember this song? I tried to put choreo to it, but it's a hard song! lot's of elements, and it doesn't follow a pattern per I asked the professional (Meli :) and she delivered! so I am bringing this song back! So 5 new choreo for you tomorrow! I am going to have a hard time putting a playlist for you guys, so to keep my zumba heart happy (and probably yours too!) I will have 2 different playlist for TrueFit...say what?! yeah so make sure come and check out which playlist will we burn calories too ;) There are some songs from Jams that I did when we didn't have a location, that I need to bring so that they stay in my memory banks. 

Last week I planned my meals, and the days that I scheduled no chocolate, and I stuck to it.  So this week I am doing the same.  I am taking this year One week at a time, I need to get my groove back.  That includes adding strength training.   Last week I completed the 1st week of the Push Phase of Chalean Extreme.  I decided to move forward with the 2nd phase instead of re-starting, (I finished the 1st phase in early December and did not start phase 2 until last week) I don't do the cardio portions of the programs since I get my cardio with Zumba ;) and my recovery with PiYo.   

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