Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 1/11/16

Good morning!

Hope you all had a great weekend! here is this week's schedule:

Please remember that the Holiday Sale will end on Saturday and it's 2 class cards for $80 (20 classes)

This upcoming weekend will be my first jam of the year! and I am pretty excited it's with my favorite jammer Meli, so it's going to be good!

This Friday I am also going to San Francisco for A Zumba Toning class  with Meli and Abraham.  I will be riding  bart, but if you want to join me I will be at the Bart Station on B Street (Hayward) and will try to catch the 5:50pm train.   

Last year was an "off" year for me, too much things were happening, and from past experience when I feel unbalanced or tackling too much things that were not unexpected, I tend to spiral with my schedule which affects my eating habits.   So this year I need to get back on scheduling...I got a planner! So last night I sat down and I planned this week's dinners and my personal workouts outs.  I will get a handle on things again. 

For this 1st quarter of 2016 I think we will remain at Flor de Mexico, and probably the 2nd quarter.  In March or April we have the opportunity to have back to back classes, and one class that I will be bringing new will be a weight training class so stay tune for that! 

Have an awesome week and I will see you tomorrow night!!    

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