Monday, August 3, 2015

Schedule 8.3.15

Good morning!
Here is this week's schedule! please note there is no Sunday class!  

I have a few annoucements, 1st! Charito, Javier and I want to give our Students a Special 90min Zumba class! there will be a BBQ afterwards! bring a side dish to share :) This is a thank you for coming and sweating with us during the summer! We also want to celebrate that in September 1st I took over the Studio formerly known as Dans' di Ballo and now TRUEFIT!

We are also fundraising for Joysse - a little girl who is battling  Leukemia, to know more about her story check her page  so come join us! 

This past weekend I did a lot of Instructor related events :) First on Saturday I did a Jam Session with a jammer from Singapore! and guess what? one of the routines we learned was a K-Pop! totally out of the realm of my comfort zone, so that means, get ready because it's going to be part our playlist!

Also Tamara, the master trainer for BollyX came over to TrueFit and helped a few instructors film the assesment video, keep your fingers crossed that I pass! they seem to be really picky about their wide squat, we have to be LOW.  
We also celebrated a few Zin's birthday with a zumba party, it was fun! guest instructors were very cool!  

See you guys Tuesday! DO NOT SKIP MONDAY! LOL Charito and Roseann will be waiting for you!

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