Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week 8.18.15 and Convention


I am back! first thing first here is this week's schedule.  Please remember there are no AM classes on Saturday, but we do have a special 10am 90min class as we fundraise for Joysee Wonder Girl! Also this Friday I changed it up a bit, we will have Pound at 7:15pm!

Also a big thank you for those that joined Charito last Saturday to demo Zumba and Represent TrueFit :) I totally appreciate it!  

Well I will talk more about convention at a later blog, just know it was amazing, I will definitely try to make it every year if possible.   I hanged out with many Bay Area Zin's (Zumba Instructors) and it was great sharing with them and being excited for them, knowing that they were getting inspired just as much as I was.   I will do a more detail experience, it's just it's a day of catch up today! but I will leave you with this video of the magic moments of ZINCON2015 :)

I can't wait to see you guys tonight!!! 

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