Monday, August 10, 2015

8.10.15 Schedule

Good morning!
AAHHH!!! I am super excited and super nervous for my upcoming trip! I will be in Orlando for Zumba Convention - Roseann will be joining me :)
Some of my sessions include Arabian Nights, Punk Rock, Mexican Fiesta (you know it!) Bachata, Bollywood, LatinTronika (of course - this includes Tribal, Latin House and Tango Electronico!)  

I am excited to go and learn, have fun, dance, and then come back and try to retain everything in my brain so that I can give you even more! 

However, the nervousness comes that everybody is staying at home! and honestly I am more nerves about this big guy than the human little ones! My summer move has not been good for his nerves, the house is still a mess as we are dealing with contractors, and a 3 week job has now been gone and beyond.  There is no doggy door installed yet. Neighboors are not happy, and at this point I can't say anything about it other than just hide my face in embarrassment.  I was hoping he will feel safe and comfortable before kids go back to school.  
But I have been re-assured everything will be fine. The husband fixed the fence hopefully he will not try to break out again, the back door is now open all day long, and I've been re-assured that doggy door will be installed by the time I get back. So I am passing my stressful burden off to the husband.  During the 23 years of marriage (YES! it's been that long!) we have had 3 sets of dogs, and not one set of dogs have ever broken down fences to escape, so this has been making me more nervous.

ANYWAY! HAVE FUN while I am way.  You will be taken care of by the wonderful Charito and Ms. Faye! Here is this week's schedule!

Also in case I don't have time to make next week's blog post this the the FOLLOWING week's schedule - please note that the 7:15pm Zumba is "low impact" Zumba! 

I'll see you guys in a week, and make sure to follow the TrueFit FB page as I will be posting pictures while at convention! 


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