Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 1/19/15

Good morning! here is this week's schedule! please remember there is no class this Saturday due to a Turbo Kick certification for new instructors.  

So my Piyo workout has suffered and I really don't want it to.  I need to get back to sticking with my personal workouts, but it is a struggle.  We all have our fitness struggles and getting back into my routine has been mine since last year.  So I am inviting you guys to join me! I need all the accountability.  Piyo is a great flexibility and strength workout, and we can all add this to our fitness. If you want to join me I can give you the info! 

Tonight's class is Zumba Toning and it's starts at 6:15pm! Come and try it, it's a great workout!

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