Thursday, June 23, 2011

What fitness program should I do?

Hi guys!
Well as you probably know I haven't been blogging for a while.  I have several excuses!

1.  I am still on Day 18 of Asylum - which is Game Day with Overtime
2.  I've been out! camping and I actually went to Beachbody Coach Summit

Now, I need to get my momentum going again! So I posted on facebook as to what workout program I should do next! I want to do all and that is just not possible! I  can't seem to sit down an commit to just one thing ...well I shouldn't say that,  I did commit to Asylum, so I will be finishing that round. I Just have 13 more days!  As  soon as I am done...what next? that was my dilemma! I got some wonderful ildeas on Facebook.  I do want to do Insanity, but at the same time I am thinking You need to do another round of P90X so that you are ready for P90X2! That is one program that I must do!  So guess what? I need to build strenght, but at the same time I want to keep up with my cardio! plus I still have my 10k training....see my dilemma?  I am like AAAHH! so with the help of my friends I am going to stick with P90X, and on cardio days I am going to incorporate my 10k training runs and stick in some Insanity a couple days a week.   I think I am actually comfortable with that plan!

So now that the crisis is averted and I know what my workout schedule will be, lets talk about the Beachbody Coach Summit.  Let me tell you it was phenomenal! The energy of all the coaches is just undescribable, it was just 2,500 of positive people, it was amazing.  I won't even mention the live was just incredible, and as you can tell by my "phenomenals" "amazings" and "incredibles" I am not very articulate in expressing the feelings I got from attending :) I just know that it was a blast and I learned so much and it was just fun all around.  So I do have some announcements!

1.  Beachbody is changing how they do WOWY - so stay tuned! the final prize is 100,000 - how cool is that!

2.  Military Families - beachbody is honoring our military by providing them with a free sign up coach fee and waived monthly fees - NOW THATS COOL! That totally makes me feel proud of the company I am associated with.  Seriously, this is an amazing opportunity for families who are serving our country earn an extra income.  Contact me for more info!

3.  The new Shakeology flavor is here! its TROPICAL - and guess what? its Pink! Taste great.  No official release date, as its currently under the final stages of stability testing (shelf life - its all about quality control)

4.  P90X2! Tony's talk about the process of creating this program is just great...its about performance, and its based on APA method of training....they really did their homework, and its all based on the latest research, this isn't about weightloss, its about performance and really taking your body composition to the next leve. 

I threw lots of info at you, right? sorry...but I am bursting over here with all this info..I need an outlet!

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  1. Go you for decision making! I am starting P90x as well on July 4th. :)