Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 16 - Strenght! - Finally

Hello friends!

Hope you didn't think I left Asylum forgotten while I am concentrating on my 10k training :)  Nope, just had a small injury.  Muscle spasm in my shoulder and neck, it was extremely painful I couldn't really jog either.  So I walked.  And Walked.  My first jog of 5 miles was done on Sunday! then?  again my shoulder spasm, I was frustrated.  Then it felt better, finally no soreness, and this morning I felt good so I finally tackled Day 16 of Asylum which was Strenght.

I really like this workout, it seems more interactive...feels like the Slim Series from Debbie, except heavier weights, and lower reps...what I mean is that you have a cardio effect along with your strenght training.   At the end, you get to do jump frogs and leap to a one leg plank, can I say AWESOME! lol Who would have thought that I like and invite the burn?

So if you are ready to take your cardio to  a new level with sports performance drills, you need Asylum!

When you get injured and can't workout it plays havoc with your phyche! I felt so bad, even though I never stopped walking, not being able to realy workout was hard mentally.  But after feeling sorry for myself the way I got over this, was to continue to at least walk, my lower body was fine.  No jogging because of the jolting which hurt my shoulder but walking I was good with.  I also paid more attention to my nutrition and not let myself slip as I wouldn't be exercising with intensity to burn it up.  You can't dwell too much on what you can't do, but rather focus on the things that you do have control over, and its a big help to keep you motivated and jump right back into your routine once you are all healed up!

Happy Workouts!

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