Monday, November 7, 2016

Week of 11.7.16

Good morning,

Here is this week's schedule at TrueFit:

Please note that I switched up Tuesday and Thursday for this week only as I really want to bring a new Cize round this week, but I need days to practice. So with that said Tuesday is an Insanity day and Thursday is a Cize Live day :) both days start at 6pm.  

Saturday evening TrueFit (me) will be at Triple Threat for a Zumba Toning Fundraiser with Jeanne, Ashley, Dee Young, and Robin - it's going to be a FUN EVENING! this cause is close to our hearts as we support Jeanne.  There will also be prizes and raffles so bring extra cash! I really hope you guys can join! 

This Friday I will be going to a Master Class with Meli and Rob - these Venezuelan duo are amazing so make sure to get your tickets, it's almost sold out

Personal Journey: Well my goal this week is to wake up everyday with intent of crushing this goal: 2 weightlifting days.   As Chalene Johnson would say "it's not that your getting old that your metabolism is slowing down, it is because you are loosing muscle"   My motto this week:   Muscle burns fat! 

Have an amazing week, and remember that tomorrow is an Insanity day and it starts at 6pm, Thursday is Cize also at 6pm.  

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