Monday, November 14, 2016

Week of 11.14.16

Happy Monday!
Here is this week's schedule:

Since last week's Cize class was cut short, we are doing it again this Tuesday! there is no 6:15pm class on Thursday! Thursday come out and Shake it with Nessa! she will be subbing for me! 

This past weekend was one of the best! It was so much fun, sooo tiring, but just very good for the soul.  For many of our Zins it was like a mini Zumba convention, except that instead of walking we are driving all over the Bay! LOL and we also got to share the Master Classes with students :)

Friday Night: 90min Master Class with Meli, and guest jammers Ashley B and Diego from NY

Saturday was an INSANE day! but in a good way.  I was talking to my son Omar the other day and he was complaining of muscle soreness. I was telling him that he needs to keep moving and push through it.  I told him, 90% of the time I am sore and I CRAVE that feeling, I told him call me crazy, and he did! LOL anyway Saturday the schedule was my 8am class with you guys, then ANOTHER 90min Master Class with Meli, Rob and Diego AND Ashley B, then we head out for a 3 hour zumba jam session with Meli and Rob, THEN the day ended with a 90min Zumba Toning Fundraiser raising funds for 
Pancreatic Cancer.   This is a cause very dear to us as we are supporting a very dear Zin member.  After the fundraiser another Zin surprised us with the cake that I was dreaming of! Churro Cake! Saturday was tiring, fun and super delicious. 


My Partner in Crime this weekend! Vero!
You would think that a day after Saturday I would have been done, and your right! however when Rob is in town and is partnering up with Meli, you don't skip plus the playlist from that jam session was too good to pass, I went back for more dancing! this time it was a 3 hour jam session in Daily City! 

Thank you for those that were able to join me during the Master Classes, I hope you enjoyed these wonderful jammers who's energies are just awesomely insane! 

That's all for now! I will see you tomorrow!  have a wonderful week!

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