Monday, August 15, 2016

Week of 8/15/16

Good morning! 

Here is this week's schedule: 

Don't forget on Tuesday's (this month) I will be doing a 25min Demo before ZUmba! Last week we did Insanity! what will this week be? come out and check it out! make sure to bring your Yoga mat! 

Personal journey:  well even though I look young...I am not that young.  I am currently 20lbs heavier than 2014.  Yes I can contribute to my eating habits and stress (full time job, 5 kids, a fixer upper home) but I think it's a bit more than that.  Have you ever heard: the older you get it's harder to loose weight because your metabolism slows down? I think that might be the case in my scenario.  These last 2 years have been getting me closer to that 4th decade hallmark.  In case you didn't know I am sensitive about my age.  NOT because of the total number of years, it actually goes back when I first had my first baby boy.  I was still in High get looks, you get comments, and it's just weird.  So I never tell my age, even now, for the simple reason that it shouldn't matter.  But I digress...these last 2 years have pushed me to being 20lbs heavier.  Yes! I am at 160lbs...I am telling you this number, because the number on the scale is jut a number (like my age).  Also because of my active lifestyle, my body composition doesn't look the same it did back when I was 160lbs in the early 2000's.  For example old 160lb Carmen, her pants size was size 14. Current 160lb Carmen's pants size is a size 10 (tight, but size 12 is too loose) so I guess that is the silver lining.  Anyway, besides slower metabolism I also have to be completely honest, that my eating habits are not that great AND  truth is besides all the benefits of cardio, I (we all) need more weight/strength training exercises. 

A couple of weeks ago I went out to lunch to a Chinese restaurant, and I got this "fortune" on my cookie:

I taped to my wallet, because it's TRUE!  So I am going back to basics.  For me the basics was what got me to loose weight in the first place.   5 days of eating healthy, and on the weekends I can splurge a bit...but still be mindful.  By mindful I mean smaller portion with the  rich calorie/sugar loaded food (but not deprive myself) and 3-4 days of weight training.  My cardio stamina, is well covered ;)

Tell me your goals, we can all work on them together, we can hold each other accountable.  That's the fun of group fitness.

Have an awesome week and hope to see you in class this week.  

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