Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 8/29/16

Happy Monday! 
Can you believe we are on the last days of August!  Here is the schedule for this week:

This is the last week have the  Tuesday Demo's! So far we've had PiYo, Insanity and Turbo Kick, what will tomorrow's demo be? 

Let's talk about September! September is Mexican 
independence month, so to celebrate on Friday 9/16 I will be having a special 90min Mexican Fiesta Zumba class! which just means a Mexican song playlist - FUN! 

Also on Sunday September 25th there is a Master Class in San Jose with the one and only Meli! 

I will be attending! if you guys want to come get your ticket! I do have a Jam Session that Sunday in Newark, so if you wanted to carpool we would need to meet in Newark :) 

Thank you so much for coming out and working out! I am amazed to see how each of you grow and get stronger.  I do want to point out that only you know your body and how much you can push yourself.  So never feel the need to come to me and apologize because you need to modify, HOWEVER I DO LOVE to hear from you when you tell me your getting stronger :) I do go around giving you visual cues to give me more, well...that's just me trying to make you stronger, but you know your body best. If you can push, push, if you can't just smile at me and continue with what your doing :) 

Have an excellent week! I will see you tomorrow.    

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