Monday, June 1, 2015


Good morning TrueFit'ers! Can you believe it's June 1st already! 2nd half of the year brings new beginnings for me! Not just as a small business owner but in my personal life too, so I am excited and I am embracing all these positive changes with open arms!

First thing first! I want to welcome Maria Martinez, but please call her Charito, she feels the the love when you do ;) with that being said, we have a new General schedule 

This will be the general schedule, but please check every Monday as sometimes we cancel Friday/Saturday classes for special events or maybe I just need a day off ;).  I am very excited about having Charito with us, first I am excited for you guys to experience her awesomeness! 2nd, I GET A REST DAY! yep, Monday's are my official rest days! 3rd, I get the opportunity to re-vive an awesome format, which is POUND! if you all did not make the Free class last Friday, I have great news! Every Saturday morning you will get to rock out with me! Your core and lower body will LOVE you for it! 

So here is THIS week's schedule! please note there is only ONE class this Friday:
I will be participating in a Zumba fundraiser for Nepal, if you can't make it, but still want to donate, I will be accepting donations, and will be happy to submit your donations on your behalf.  

I have so many annoucements! LOL, I don't want to overwhelm you but at the same time I want to share and invite you.  Before I go into all the June events, let me first tell you that this month I am personally doing a food challenge, basically it's eating a lot of whole foods, it is called whole 30
I will be creating a closed group to support each other, do you have to follow the guidelines 100%? no, you know yourself, and where you want to be.  For myself, I will try my best to follow it as closely as possible, and will love for you guys to join me! basically, lots of veggies, lots of lean protein :) 

Now that I got that out of the way, maybe the easiest way to let you know about the June events will be with this calendar:

Have an awesome Monday/Week!

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